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Audition Results

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Color Guard Audition Results

Check back here for more audition results as they are made available!

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The following schedule is for CURRENT high school students. 8th grade students who will be coming to North will be auditioned during their regularly schedule band periods. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the director of your student’s ensemble. Thank you!

Please review our official 2019 Summer Calendar!!



Check back here for updated itineraries and other important information packets.

Big Blue Band Resources


2018-2019 Big Blue Band Handbook

Follow the link for the complete Big Blue Band Handbook. Every student is expected to uphold the ideals and adhere to the policies set forth in this handbook.

The included policies were drawn up not to punish anyone or restrict your personal freedoms, but rather to allow us to be aware of the rules necessary for keeping the North Mesquite Band functioning in a smooth and positive manner, protecting the rich history and tradition of the Big Blue Band!


BBB Parent Remind Instructions

Follow the link for instructions on how to subscribe to the Big Blue Band Parent Remind 101 Feed. Remind is most efficient and expedient method to provide our parents and students necessary and up-to-date information. We highly recommend all parents and students subscribe to the various Remind feeds utilized throughout the band program.



Charms is an essential program client utilized by the Big Blue Band. Charms is used provide students access to their financial information and give them an easier means to submit assignments for their band class throughout the year. 

To access your Charms account, simply click the Charms link at the top of our website and type in your password.

Charms passwords can be reset to your student ID by emailing Mr. Bouras.  


Mesquite ISD

Please visit North Mesquite High School's website for up-to-date information regarding events specific to our campus.  

Mesquite ISD now uses Skyward for all grade book, attendance, and other clerical purposes. For help accessing Skyward click the following instructions link

Please visit Mesquite ISD's Homepage for up-to-date information regarding events pertaining to the entire district. 


Feeder Middle School Programs

We are very proud of the work done by our two middle school feeder programs and invite you to learn more about the amazing work done by our colleagues at McDonald Middle School and Vanston Middle School. 

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The McDonald Middle School Band is operated by Mr. Mike Major and his assistant Ms. Kayla Crowley.

The Vanston Middle School Band is operated by Mrs. Jennifer Borders and her assistant from North Mesquite High School, Mr. Logan Stalcup

Other Resources